Thursday, December 07, 2006

Santa Comes Through Internet Not Chimney

"Faced with long lines and slow service, Albertans are shunning the province's clerk-starved malls and clicking through their Christmas gift lists online." - CBC NEWS

Alberta`s hot economy and it`s labour shortages are affecting the Christmas rush. Albertans already shop online more than most other Canadians with 45% using online services to do their shopping.

Now with Alberta`s legendary winter in full swing, it is much easier to shop on line than drive to the mall to deal with parking and long waits.

"In September, six Alberta retail chains put expansion plans for the province on hold because of the difficulty in finding staff. The provincial government and the Retail Council of Canada are working on recruitment drives, expanding access for disabled workers in retail, and awareness campaigns for students of the possibilities of a retail career. "

So if you need a job head out to Alberta, you are sure to get hired and if possible bring 150,000 of your friends because that is the estimated labour shortage Alberta faces.

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