Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Kyoto Accord

Recently amidst the reports of global warming, increased oil sands production and a noticably warmer winter in Japan (the cherry blossoms have started to bloom already in some areas) the Kyoto accord has been in the news almost daily.

I, in truth, know very little about the Kyoto Accord and looked on Wikipedia for a complete and detailed explanation of the Accord and its affect on our future.
This is from the Canadian subsection

" In 2005, the result was limited to an ongoing "war of words", primarily between the government of Alberta (Canada's primary oil and gas producer) and the federal government. There were even fears that Kyoto could threaten national unity, specifically with regard to Alberta. As of 2003, the federal government claimed to have spent or committed 3.7 billion dollars on climate change programmes.[20] By 2004, CO2 emissions had risen to 27 per cent above 1990 levels (which compares unfavorably to the increase in emissions by the United States of 16 per cent by that time).[21]
After January 2006, the Liberal government was replaced by a Conservative minority government under Stephen Harper, who previously has expressed opposition to Kyoto, and in particular to the plan to participate in international emission trading. Rona Ambrose, who replaced Stéphane Dion as the environment minister, has since endorsed some types of emission trading, and indicated interest in international trading.[22]"

"Under the Kyoto accord, negotiated and ratified by the Liberals over Tory opposition, Canada is committed to a six per cent cut in greenhouse emissions from 1990 levels by 2012.

Experts say the target is likely not achievable through domestic action alone, but could be met through purchasing credits in UN-approved emissions-cutting projects abroad. " Yahoo Canada
This means increased production in the Oilsands will not help Canada achieve the target by 2012 but through purchasing credits, new extraction technology and other means Canada could still meet the target through helping with other projects abroad.

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