Thursday, January 31, 2008

Canada - Financially Fit

Canada is getting a lot of first prizes among the G8 countries. We rank first in quality of life, have the lowest cost of living, and the lowest unemployment rate.

Canada has diverse resource driven economy that, less than a decade ago saw significant proportions of all exports heading for our neighbours to the south. Due to Canadian government's tireless support of businesses diversifying their exporting focus and incredible foresight, now, nearly a quarter of all exports are destined for non U.S locations which has helped us to avoid the economic slump now prevalent in the U.S.

Canada’s economy has often trailed the US economy, however today it is leading the US - as is the Canadian dollar which has seen the most gains since at least 1971 because of a surge in investor interest and confidence in commodity-exporting countries according to a Bloomberg report.

Statistic released by the Canadian Real Estate Association show clearly that Canada has just finished the best year ever for sales of existing homes; with records being set for house prices and new listings.

"Those lower interest rates will also help temper any erosion in housing affordability in Canada because of additional home-price increases," "The challenge for the Canadian housing market will be the extent to which consumer confidence is affected by a slowdown in the U.S. economy." Ann Bosley, president of The Canadian Real Estate Association

Now more than ever is the time to invest in Canadian Real Estate.

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