Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Can Mentors Be Virtual?

The Financial Post has a sub-section under Small Business called "12 Weeks To Start-up" which is to help new entrepreneurs get started and motivated by successful people in business.

This week Century 21 Real Estate Canada's founder Peter Thomas was interviewed to speak on his "virtual mentors" in his early start- up days. When times were tough and there was no one to call Mr. Thomas turned to four greats: John F. Kennedy, Indira Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Ernest Hemingway to guide him on the rocky road to success.

Each person guided him in a different way,

"For years, as he established Century 21 Real Estate Canada and became a busy property developer in Western Canada and the United States, whenever he ran into a problem he would ask himself, "What would my virtual mentors do?" For inspiration he would look at the life of JFK; as a moral compass, he would turn to King. Former Indian prime minister Gandhi supplied passion, vision and humanity. Hemingway was the "rogue" advisor, providing gung-ho inspiration whenever Thomas felt his life needed more fun or adventure."

In our business we look to Trump and Kiyosaki for business savvy and real estate acumen, Dr. Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra lead us spiritually and numerous travel writers and adventurers help us relax and injecting adventure into our long weeks of work.

Of course we have real life advisors who guide us through the pitfalls like lawyers, accountants and Realtors - but sometimes it is the people who you can't meet who really inspire you too new heights.

Who guides you?

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