Thursday, September 25, 2008

Armstrong Is Coming Back!

"Lance Armstrong, the seven-times Tour de France winner, yesterday said that he intends to make a second comeback to professional cycling and that he hopes to win an eighth Tour de France next year at the age of 37."

Absolutely nothing to do with real estate but a lot to do with getting out there and just being the ultimate best you can be. Lance Armstrong amazes me. His battle with cancer itself is incredible but to go on to win 7 Tour de France races after that just shows me that I am living at half-mast.

I hate to generalize but almost everyone who I meet who has beaten cancer seems to be living at a whole different level/vibration than the rest of us. I guess the second you feel like all you b&$% and complain about could be taken away nothing seems so bad - in fact it seems pretty awesome. Obviously I want to reach that level without having a life threatening illness or disease but I guess it takes everyone a huge kick in the pants to realize that the their life is probably fantastic and could be a 1000 times more so.

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