Thursday, January 15, 2009

Audio File - How To Deal With The Credit Crunch

I love BBC radio. The new iplayer offers hundreds of interesting, entertaining and enlightening programs in one easily accessible location. They have excellent financial programs - the link today is to a 1 hour show with great advice on how to avoid or deal with the credit crunch. My favorite is to take up a hobby because it keeps you home more and therefore not wasting money. *Of course the show is U.K specific*

5 Live Money - Fighting The Credit Crunch

The whole world is feeling the effects of the credit crunch and "frugality is the new black". Everyday when I check there are new ways to cut costs, implying that everyone wants to reduce their expenses and increase bank account balances. Today it was "how to fix up your kitchen for less"

Here is to cutting coupons!

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