Tuesday, March 09, 2010

This and That - Edmonton's looking great!

Rosy outlook shines on Alberta's economy - "More signs emerged Monday that an economic rebound is starting to take hold in Alberta, as new home construction soared and the hiring outlook improved.

At the same time, rising oil prices continue to boost financial markets, adding more positive momentum to the provincial outlook, analysts said."

"It looks like we've hit the bottom and we're edging back up in Alberta," said Jacques Marcil, economist with Canada West Foundation, a Calgary-based think-tank.

Tripling of housing starts returns builders to pre-recession levels - "There is optimism that the market is showing stability for 2010,"

"Single-family homes are selling well and multi-inventory continues to decline."

"Certainly, our builders are as optimistic as they have ever been since probably early 2007. Let us hope that a jump in interest rates and further constraints in CMHC and other mortgage insurers in eligibility criteria does not dampen demand." Guy St. Germain, Edmonton-region president of the Canadian Homebuilders' Association

Hoteliers, developers support downtown project - "There would have to be a lot of additional economic activity generated to support the hotel," "But anything that can revitalize the downtown is great for the hotel industry in Edmonton. ... Things like a downtown arena are an asset, there's no question about that. Alberta Hotel and Lodging Association CEO and president Dave Kaiser

"If it's done right, it will dramatically change the city," "Everything around it, everything that touches it or is within two blocks of it, suddenly becomes a building site," Downtown Business Association executive director Jim Taylor

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