Friday, April 09, 2010

My eyes are full.

The Japanese have a saying "mei ga ippai" the literal translation is my eyes are full, the nuance would equate to "I've got a lot on my hands".

My eyes have been full for the last 2 weeks. An international move with a baby and 10 years of memories in a boat floating across the pacific. The funny thing is we did it like the proverbial band-aid. In fact when we left our little house we drove away without even looking back.

By all accounts the Alberta economy is set to lead the nation and the world again. I can tell you being on the ground here is like being on the back of a racehorse that is at the gate and primed to win the race. People are restless and ready to get back to work, gears are waiting to be turned and millions are waiting to be made. Oh wait it's Alberta - make that BILLIONS.

Enough of this recession! We're back and ready to rock. Who's coming for the ride?

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