Friday, July 23, 2010

Now I didn't know that....

This blog is not only selling the sizzle and the story but giving facts. Everyone knows Nutella I've never really bought it but I have an idea about the product. I've always thought it was a very processed chocolate spread that couldn't be good for you.

Well today I found out I have Nutella all wrong. I learned that it's made from real hazelnuts, it has skim milk in it and only a little cocoa (not hyper sugar chocolate junk) AND that it has no preservatives.


Well not me. If I had known this I would have been a loyal Nutella customer for years. It's only because of a marketing campaign that promotes these virtues that I even heard about this. Now Nutella has moved from a junky chocolate spread I don't want to eat to something I would feed my son as part of a healthy snack. I'm a sneezer too so I'll tell a lot of people about it like I am now.

Why didn't I know? Because nobody told me and I didn't bother to check. It makes me wonder what my clients don't know about my business that would benefit them.

For example
1. I offer cashflow properties a lot - Do they know that means they can get a cheque every month?

2. I often talk of money partners - Do they know that means they only fund the account and then three to five years later they get all the initial investment back PLUS 50% of all profits?

3. I use the term "hands-free" a lot - Do they know that means that they don't do ANYTHING but fund the account and we do all the work?

4. I talk about leverage all the time - Do they understand the value of the banks lending money toward our investments and how that allows them to invest multiple times?

Maybe they don't. So instead of flashy ads and confusing terminology it might be best to just straight out tell clients what you do and how that positively affects their future income/wealth.

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Anonymous said...

Another wonderful blog - you really know how to hit the nail on the hammer. Marcus Tanelli