Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cornerstone Project - III Permit approval

You may have read my other posts here and here about our Cornerstone funded basement suite. We've now come to the point where our permit has been approved by the city and we can formally apply to get funding.

The permit took about 6 weeks and we were lucky to get it so quickly. The time-lines can actually range to 8 weeks. One crucial thing about waiting for a permit is that you can't do any renos past the framing. No dry-walling can go up so it's a veritable standstill. However if you are doing any electrical work (like the hard wired fire alarms which are mandatory) or plumbing now is the time. You can get all that done and have those permits issued well within the 6 weeks it takes to get the building permit.

We are all dry-walled and partially "mudded" and waiting to hit full speed. Turning the still rough outline of a suite to the livable modern space we've envisioned.

I've actually got my ads up and have pre-approved some tenants. When I show the space I tell them to bring their imaginations!

We've applied to the program with all our documents and hope to hear back in 10 days with the final approval. The final funding doesn't come till after the suite is finished and the housing branch does a final inspection.


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