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Things That Keep You Up At Night

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October 1st., 2011
Volume 11, Issue 2

Dear Friends and Partners,

"You know those nights when you really NEED a good sleep but your mind is too busy entertaining a nonstop tap dance of worry? I had one of those last night." said my friend Patrice. She looked it too. Big, crate paper creases pocketed her empty, bloodshot eyes. When she attempted to smile, the sides of her mouth mockingly retained the smile shape like a failed claymation doll made by a psychopathic child. I asked what kept my friend up and she said "Well, I can tell you what it wasn't.

It wasn't the new health development project that I'm trying to win a minority bid on. It wasn't my daughter's dental work to remove an impacted tooth and it wasn't that I have to decide between two excellent candidates for a senior position. It was none of that. What really kept me up all night was that I tailgated a driver who cut me off for two blocks, before blasting him with my horn and giving him the finger while passing. He looked backed at me with bewildered eyes as he tried to navigate the road ahead, clearly overwhelmed and frozen in fear. He looked about 87 in that really old way that conjures up a paradox of looking like a child at the same time of being withered and old."

Patrice said she felt like a real b____. The old man may well have been driving recklessly, should possibly have retired from the wheel years ago… but Patrice still felt her actions were wrong. What she felt was the taste of a stinging potent cocktail of guilt and shame served cold with a twist of remorse. We talked more about about worry and what keeps us up at night. Many times it IS the serious matters in life and other times it is the ones we see as trivial. The 'trivial' can often reveal more about ourselves than we think, especially when they have moral implications. For example, you feel right or justified in the decision you made, but somehow compromised one of your values during the delivery.

There are two books that Patrice and I discussed that help put worry in place. One is Dr. De Martini's book 'Count Your Blessings' and the other, Dale Carnegie's 'Stop Worrying and Start Living'. One habit that I've adopted is to make is my 'To do' list before bed for the next day so I can put a lid on the little worries that try to escape me. That way I can rest, knowing that I have a list to tackle the next day. Another help is to practice weighing serious decisions against your set of values. Somethings will be so obvious that your gut instantly knows.

Other decisions may be cloudy and shift through minutia - it's those ones that I take the time to reflect on and see if they align with my higher values. Of course you can't put all worries to bed, but hopefully you can give then some nap time.

South Central Edmonton: Cashflowing 4-plex in King Edward Park

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There is a common paid laundry room in basement. The lower units have new paint. There is a small, grassy, fenced yard before the 10 parking stall pad. 15 minutes to U.O.A. and Grey Nuns. 20 minutes to Grant MacEwan and Downtown.

Property is located on main road with fast access to Sherwood Park Freeway and on the bus routes. This property has good holding value and cash-flow. It requires some simple cleanup and modernizing (accounted for in purchase) to really make it shine.

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Produces $657 per month positive cash flow per month using an investor's mortgage plan - taking advantage of current low rates.

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Leveraging Our Greatest Asset

By Gary Lamphier, Edmonton Journal, September 17th 2011

When it comes to commerce, Edmonton is no slouch. This is a city that knows how to make a buck.
As my Journal colleagues have chronicled in this week's Edmonton Inc. series, the city's eclectic business activities contribute well over $150 million in dividends and income to city coffers every year. From power generation and water treatment to waste recycling, real estate, digging tunnels or investing, the city is a key player in the regional economy and beyond. GRAB THIS STORY


Simons: Americans Could Ease Alberta labour Shortage

By Paula Simons, Calgary Herald, September 22nd, 2011

The economic news south of the border is grim. While Alberta has an unemployment rate of roughly five per cent, the U.S. unemployment rate is a little over nine per cent.

That’s only part of the story. California had an August unemployment rate of 12.1 per cent. In Nevada, it’s 13.4 per cent. Florida, Georgia, Rhode Island, Michigan, North and South Carolina — all have double-digit unemployment. Here, our economic issues are the opposite. Some 30 per cent of Albertans work in occupational categories that are already facing labour shortages. We’re shy of everything from long-haul truckers to nurses. FOLLOW THIS ARTICLE

Rental Shortage Drives Up Shelter Use In Calgary

By Carla Ho, Calgary Herald, September 28th 2011

Calgarians make up the majority of the province’s emergency shelter users due to a lack of rental accommodations in the city, according to a new study by the University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy.

“A boom in Calgary, relative to elsewhere, attracts more people to move to Calgary,” said Ron Kneebone, a professor of economics and one of the authors of the study. “What they find when they get here is, there is simply not a large supply of rental accommodations, so they end up homeless and they end up in shelters.” READ MORE HERE

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