Thursday, April 12, 2012

I feel physically ill...

This poor landlord had $16,000 worth of damage done to her rental property. It's not uncommon:

here - a kind neighbor wrote and told him of the damage. Give neighbours your info.
here - the LANDLORD was charged $5k for the grow-op.. what?
here - poor lady, the photographer really got the feeling in the broken window photo
and here - professionals do it too! Don't think a tenant with a good job will protect your house.

Although $16k is at the higher end I myself have seen a $32k repair job - amazing how much water damage one apple in a toilet can do.

The thing about the Residential Tenancy Act in Alberta is we can't take more than 1 months rent as the security deposit. Inevitably damages are more than that. Ever tried to hire a handyman in a boom economy?

Although this landlord admits she is to fault for not doing the proper due diligence (sadly she didn't at all) there should be better ( I mean harder hitting) recourse for landlords. These tenants are great at looking normal, saying the right things and getting you to buy their story. Just make sure your story is stronger than theirs.

Their story "my car died and then I got fired and my cat stole my bank card......"
My story "I need the rent money now or I start the eviction process"

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