Thursday, October 04, 2012

Two biggest myths about Edmonton

I used to make the old "Deadmonton" joke for years because I actually lived near here in the 80s and remember driving through town and literally seeing tumbleweeds blow down the streets. It left an impression of desolation on my teenage mind.

I'm going to take that  back that that is one of the two biggest myths about Edmonton, AB.

1. Edmonton has nothing going on - Edmonton is such a vibrant city. Every week there is some event or festival that is often free or has reasonably priced entry. In fact Edmonton is called the Festival City. With our young family we are always able to find something really interesting and fun to do pretty much every weekend.  Look at what's happening in Edmonton now Click

2. Edmonton is hard on the eyes - It's actually a beautifully evolving city. Where before there were gravel parking lots we are seeing really nice buildings pop up. The river valley is amazing and my place, near the ravine, is such a beautiful area. It's really a disservice to not give Edmonton the credit its due.

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