Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Every day is sunny in Edmonton...

...except today.

Not only is Edmonton Qualtiy of Life third best in the world, a ranking Numbeo doesn't see changing drastically in 2013. Edmonton also ranks highly as the fourth sunniest city in Canada. 

I've lived in some incredibly overcast places (Lower mainland and Japan) Edmonton seems to me to be a really sunny place. We were amazed at the sun shining every day all day when we would visit. The amount of bright sunny though very cold days we have here are nothing to scoff at. The cold doesn't seem that bad if its a beautiful crisp day.

Ironically it's overcast today as I write this. The thing is, I was as surprised it was overcast this morning as I have been in other places when it was sunny. Trust me I much prefer it this way.

Although my very serious winter coat is always at hand my umbrella lies dejectedly wedged under a pile of boots in the closet.

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