Monday, March 18, 2013

This and That March

Alberta's economic snapshot for March 16, 2013 - With many of Alberta’s economic indicators showing some slowdown over the past several months, it wouldn’t be a big surprise to see more households with strained debt levels. However, according to the number of personal bankruptcies filed at the end of last year, consumers appear to have things under control. Go Read it Here

In my line of work I do see people struggling to keep their finances in order. Recently I have less tenants making late payments than ever. 

Fears of a Canada Bubble unfounded - BMO report - Despite significant price hikes the last 10 years, house prices remain affordable across most of the country, with mortgage payments on the average Canadian home eating up a “moderate” 28 per cent of family income, and just 23 per cent when the two costliest cities, Vancouver and Toronto, are factored out, says BMO senior economist Sal Guatieri. Jump to it

Canada's high credit ratings entice global investors - “Money is coming to Canada and for good reason,”  “Typically when international markets buckle a little bit, that’s when you see more participants come to Canada.”says Grant Berry, managing director and head of government finance at RBC Capital Markets. Read More

We see Canadian real estate featured in investment shows all around the world. Not because of Canada's "great beaches" but because it's a great investment. 

Canada's Shale Boom - Unlocking Alberta's oil and gas -
“80% of the world’s oil reserves are held by national oil companies (NOCs)” says Ken Hughes, Alberta’s Minister of Energy. Hughes is referencing the simple fact that countries — like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Russia, Venezuela, Nigeria, Brazil, Mexico and others — have nationalized their oil industry. Indeed, 80% of the world’s oil reserves are “hands off” for you and me. Although, “of the other 20%” Hughes concludes, “HALF are here in Alberta.” Read more

It seems like a pretty amazing time to be in Alberta.

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