Monday, May 27, 2013

Alberta still has work to do

 Although we rank high out of resource rich jurisdictions, a lofty 7 out of 58 regions, we still have to work on environmental assessments, royalties distribution and management of the Heritage Trust Fund are keeping us from really soaring.

"Andrew Bauer, economic analyst with Revenue Watch, said Alberta is “doing really well” but royalties and environmental assessments are in need of improvement.

“These resources belong to the citizens, and the question is always: How do you split the profits between companies who are doing the extraction and the government that owns the resources on behalf of the citizens? 

“Alberta receives a very low share of resource rents relative to other oil- and mineral-rich jurisdictions,” Bauer said. “The discussion around how much Alberta gets and how much Alberta should get, it’s just not happening.”

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In other news

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