Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Edmonton Rains

 Calgary may see a decade long recover to the floods over the last few weeks.  It's terrible. I'm sure as evacuees slowly start to return home the damage may seem insurmountable.

 Last year we had  flooding in Edmonton after particularly heavy rain and thunder storms.  One house on my street got struck by lightening and burnt to the ground. They've just started building the new foundation this summer.

One of our Millwoods places had $10k in damage. The City Flood Assistance program helped financially with the damage but there is always costs that aren't covered. Luckily I have a pretty sold reno team.

Repair costs are debilitating but there are time costs -  lost rental time and nevermind lost sleep!

I wonder if this kind of flooding must be disclosed at sale too? That would also equate to lost property value in the future.....

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