Friday, October 18, 2013

Revitalizing older neighbourhoods

In our daily drives Todd and I count all the old houses being knocked down for the new mega houses constantly being built in our neighbourhood. Our south central location is close to a large greenspace, downtown and the airport. A perfect trifecta for Alberta's growing population.

My house is a 1950s  3 story A frame, one of the bigger original homes on the street. Otherwise, you see the bungalows that were easy to heat and build.

These bungalows are on the road to becoming scarce. More often than not when they sell they are torn down and not filled with a young family trying to save up for their dream home.

I personally love it. Of course I see the beauty in the old homes as I live in one myself, however, I can't help smile as I see the new home sales prices and do mental calculations as to how that new house will affect my home value.

Our neighbours perfected the balance of new and old by building up their bungalow. They kept the craftsmanship of the era but added the light (new windows), convenience and energy conservation of a modern home.

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