Monday, August 18, 2014

My desk

Sometimes my desk fills me with dread. I look at the pile of documents or the numerous emails I have to tackle and think yech... Especially when the sun is shining and we are in the middle of our short Albertan summer.

Then I read this:

     "Notice how people can play board games like Monopoly for hours on end. They play with great spirit and inventiveness. Video and computer games even more so. A pick-up game of basketball in the park after a long hard day at work can wake a person up like nothing else!
     It's the joy of just playing. Kids want to stay up and play all night. There is no fatigue when you're playing.

     Contrast that to "working."
     Working grinds you down. It hits you even before you do it. Just the thought of it. Just the thought of your work day can fill you with dread and anxiety. You're weary before you begin.
     Wealth happens to us fastest when we can play it into existence."
Steve Chandler

And I realized the only one who can make me work is me. I completely control my hours, my tasks and my thinking. So I'm going to make my desk a fun place to be. 

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