Thursday, September 25, 2014

Booms and Busts

You’ll never be wrong predicting a bust.

Same with predicting a boom - the rub is trying to get the timing exactly right. You might wonder why I put this article up on our blog dedicated to investing successfully in Edmonton real estate, and the answer is that everyone is right sometimes.

I haven’t read this book as it’s not out yet. I think that it’s naive to say that there won’t be another down cycle, because there will be many more up-cycles and many more down-cycles for as long as man buys-sells-creates. Economic fluctuation is the norm.

Do I think that there is a big correction headed for CANADA in the future?
No, not really. Canada’s a big place after all.

Do I think that certain markets, property types and lending manoeuvrings may create a dangerous situation for some speculators? Yes, I do.

But, that doesn’t mean that a crash is coming and even if it did indicate that, with the right investing skills, it would create an excellent time to make strategic real estate/business buys.

Simply put - don’t believe the hype (both good and bad). Study economic fundamentals, invest using a proven strategy, buy the right property (or business). Be responsible and be active.

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