Friday, November 21, 2014

Doing the Math - Wealth Warrior Movement

I love Steve Chandler's work. 

This is from his Wealth Warrior Movement

"I first saw the fun and benefit of this when my friend and company CEO Duane Black solved the equation on two flip charts in front of a grateful gathering of leaders.

 Here it is:  When you are positive (picturing the math sign: +), you add something to any conversation or meeting you are in.  That's what being positive does, it adds.

     When you are negative (-) you subtract (-) something from the conversation, the meeting or the relationship you are in. If you are negative enough times, you subtract so much from the relationship that there is no more relationship. It's simple math. It's the law of the universe up there on the flip chart of life: positive adds, negative subtracts.

     As in math, when you add a negative it diminishes the total. Add a negative person to the team, and the morale and spirit (and, therefore, productivity and profit) of the team is diminished.  Add a positive person, and you've just added life to your team, your organization, your life."

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