Monday, June 29, 2015

Alberta Economy Fair or Fear?

I see both sides. Of course I want employees to make a livable wage. It can only be good for the economy right? But what if the minimum wage increases 47% in 3 years. Seems a bit of a burden for business owners. It looks like the increase will start October 1, 2015 at $1.00.

"It’s madness to believe that putting such a burden on businesses and non-profits won’t have an impact. Economists normally argue that minimum-wage increases don’t cause a rise in unemployment, because most minimum-wage earners (52 per cent of them in Alberta) are young people working part-time in service industries and going to school. No one else wants the work, especially in strong economies. Service industries, such as the fast-food business, just keep hiring and pass the expense on to customers." Read more

Here is the argument for a $15 minimum wage. I enjoy the comments below. Especially this:

"Exactly. I too am a business owner. I pay entry level 12 dollars per hour now and their supervisor draws 17 per hour. If I have to give me entry level people 15 then I have to give the supervisor 20 or 22. And up it goes, add to that CPP, EI, etc. etc........"

Hopefully this means less defaults on rentals. 

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