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2017 - The Mystery of Alberta's Economy

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October 3rd., 2016
Volume 21, Issue 6

Dear Friends and Partners,

 As we head into Q4 we’ve got a mix of conflicting reports on how bad and/or how good the economy is. A few years ago we forecast that Q2 2017 could be the turn around point.

I still think that may be, albeit a gradual one. If oil were to spike upward, then that would pull Alberta out of the fire until the last 2 years of accumulated debt can start to be repaid. Some of the ‘forward looking’ articles say we’re entering into a turnaround and hey, if that’s true, that’s fantastic news. I just don’t see a firm enough foundation for that yet.

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This property will have 2 X 2 bd suites added down. Plus 2 X 3 bd on the main. Features oversized double garage and pad. This property has a tried and true layout and is built to last. Purchase price includes reserve fund and large reno conversion costs to make the property shine! This is a turn-key deal. Excellent access downtown and in the highly rentable and desirable neighbourhood of King Edward.

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Purchase price: $600,000 plus $75,000 Purchase Plus Improvements
Total Investment: $141,720
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These 4 suites rent for top dollar and have everything arranged, including financing structure and incredible tenants. Your investment includes: impeccable tenant selection, financial analysis, professional inspection, insurance, financing set-up, legal fees, basic accounting, reserve fund, CMA, bi-annual statements, strategic market planning to ensure successful entry and exit, plus much more!


Hicks on Biz: Dashboard shows Alberta in the dumper

By Graham Hicks, Edmonton Sun, September 16th, 2016

I am mystified.

The Alberta government’s Economic Dashboard, an up-to-date snapshot of the provincial economy, shows we’re truly in the dumper.

Compared to a year ago, Alberta’s unemployment rate has jumped from 6.1% to 8.4%, the number of jobs has dropped 22.6%, average weekly earnings are down 4.2% and Employment Insurance recipients are up 48%.

The only positive sign is the population has grown 1.8% to 4.2 million.

And yet downtown Edmonton is in the midst of a building boom, the likes of which we haven’t seen in 30 years.



Alberta’s Economy set to grow faster than any province next year

By Jesse Ferreras, Huffington post Canada, September 29th, 2016

Don't call it a comeback. Not a big one, anyway.

Alberta's economic growth is set to beat all Canadian provinces next year and the one after, says a TD Provincial Economic Forecast released Thursday.

Alberta is set to see GDP growth of over two per cent in 2017 and 2018, thanks in large part to rising oil production and new oilsands projects coming online, the forecast said. 



EI Claimant numbers in Alberta up almost 92%

By Juris Graney, Edmonton Sun, September 22nd., 2016

Employment insurance figures continue to climb in Alberta, with the number of claimants up almost 92 per cent in the 12 months to July.

Statistics Canada’s latest data shows slightly fewer than 100,000 Albertans, or four per cent of the total labour force, claimed EI in July.

Almost two-thirds of those claiming benefits were men.

Percentage increases in the past 12 months in Calgary (96.2) and Edmonton (72.5) topped the nation as the number of provincial claimants jumped almost 92 per cent in the same period. 



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