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Spring Uplift

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Dear Friends and Partners,

Talk is turning more positive as of late in AB. Perhaps part Trump, trade deals, pipelines or simply – spring, the news is brightening. It’d be nice if we could talk ourselves into an improving economy but it doesn’t always work that way.

The real tangible forecast we have to work with  will release their budget in Q2. This is expected to bring some major projects on the books bolstered by private or 3P projects as well; Cross Cancer (Calgary), 2 hospitals in Edmonton as well as the EAD Tower builds will continue to add more labour jobs. Fort Mac will continue to rebuild and ramp up from spring (more government rebuilds on way) this is obviously a mixed blessing; jobs for some, relocations for others and cost to infrastructure.

There is also development in bio-pharma in AB with one large facility looking to be built around Edmonton (see article below). The wild card is oil; cyclically speaking we’ve seen prices stabilize at around $48 bl. If $48 is the new norm (or less) and we can make it work through new technology, then great. If we are headed to a ‘forced diversification’ and over supply, not so good. But, at least we’re ready for that now.

Real Estate is flat except for key areas and building types. Rates are still low, but on the move up. Most energy and construction related projects take 18 months to gear up. That means that we need to continue to manage diligently and keep an eye out for sharp deals as we play the long-term strategy.

With proper management and solid reserves, now is a good time to add to your (residential) portfolio provided you have the tenacity to ride a 5-7 year plus cycle. Commercial and industrial you’ll need to be more selective and prudent with lease-ups (forget DT office space). If in the right area (yup – still “Location, location, location!”) you can benefit from properties that serve the growing industries. Onwards and upwards!

King Edward Park: 4-Plex Apartment, cash-flow central 

Turbo charge your portfolio. This legal 4-Plex apartment has great upgrades and terrific curb appeal. Excellent access; 10 minutes from downtown & 8 minutes to UoA, a winner to add to any portfolio. 1972 built, meticulously maintained. 

Newer appliances, shingles, flooring and suite upgrades over the past 1-5 years. Coin laundry down, separate meters for each unit and a mix of 3 X 3 bd suites and 1 X 2 bd - all above ground. Features oversized parking pad. 

This property has a tried and true layout and is built to last.Terrific access to local amenities in mature King Edward.  Price includes reserve fund and light reno conversion costs to make the property shine! This is a turn-key deal. Excellent access downtown and in the highly rent-able and desirable neighbourhood of King Edward. 
Comes complete with great tenants making this a totally turn-key property for you. King Edward is a mature neighbourhood that is convenient for tenants working downtown and attending U.O.A. HUGE upside potential due to the great purchase price, strong economic fundamentals and the proximity of this property in relation to Edmonton's desirable growing core.

Purchase price: $849,000
Total Investment: $200,030
Your Estimated 5 Year Profit $172,599
Your pre-tax Total ROI is 80% or 15% per year

These 4 suites rent for top dollar and have everything arranged, including financing structure and incredible tenants. Your investment includes: impeccable tenant selection, financial analysis, professional inspection, insurance, financing set-up, legal fees, basic accounting, reserve fund, CMA, bi-annual statements, strategic market planning to ensure successful entry and exit, plus much more!

Alberta economy on road to recovery Alberta conference board says 
By Gordon Kent, Edmonton Journal, February 23rd., 2017

Alberta should post Canada's fastest economic growth this year as the energy industry improves and consumer spending picks up, a Conference Board of Canada report says.
The provincial economy is expected to grow by 2.8 per cent in 2017 and a further 1.9 per cent in 2018, according to the non-profit research group's winter provincial outlook released Thursday.
Alberta posted Canada's largest economic decline in 2016.
"After two tough years, the bleeding in Alberta's oil and gas industry is finally being staunched and the province's economy is on the road to recovery," the report said.  FOLLOW THIS ARTICLE 


City opens first office tower in Edmonton'd Ice District
By Gordon Kent, Edmonton Journal, February 22nd., 2017

Acrobats and jugglers performed Wednesday in the lobby of the Edmonton Tower for the official opening of the first major office building completed in the downtown Ice District.
The 27-storey structure at 101 Street and 104 Avenue will house about 2,000 city employees, including 100 who starting Monday will run a new second-floor customer service centre where people can buy licences and permits, pay taxes and pick up transit tickets.
Seven downtown counters that now provide these services will close Friday, including ones in City Hall and Chancery Hall.
"This tower's significance for the City of Edmonton as a municipal corporation is that it is already changing the way we work as an organization, and very soon it will change the way that Edmontonians access services," Mayor Don Iveson said.   GRAB THIS STORY

Council sends 80-storey tower proposal back to developer
By Elise Stolte, Edmonton Journal, February 21st., 2017

City council sent a contentious parkland deal back to the developer Tuesday, saying more work is needed to protect the public interest.
"If this all comes together, the city would get a landmark building with a really innovative approach to a park with permanent public access. If it doesn't come together, the city needs a way to cost-effectively go back to Plan A," said Mayor Don Iveson, after council debated in private the land sale meant to enable an 80-storey tower project in The Quarters.
Plan A was to expropriate the Alldritt Group land, which currently has two derelict buildings, and build a signature park at the end of the new Armature Park, creating a direct connection with the river valley.  MORE HERE
 I appreciate all your calls and emails. I'm looking forward to helping you with your next step towards building real wealth.

Your success continues EVERYDAY, let me help you build for tomorrow.

"Determination gives you the resolve to keep going in spite of the roadblocks that lay before you."  -Dennis Waitley
 Warm Regards,

Todd and Danielle Millar

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