Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Home Sweet Fortune

“In the last 12 months Edmonton real estate has appreciated over 52%”
-Royal LePage, Canada.

And with over $100 Billion dollars invested into Alberta and the strong demand for jobs and housing, you will continue to see real estate prices increasing, well into the future due to this sustainable, fundamentally sound economy.

Example: 12 months ago an average Edmonton condo sold for $132,000, now the same condo sells for $200,640.00, an increase of 52%. If you had purchased that condo with a 25% down payment of $33,000, factored in closing costs and additional expenses at say $7,000, your profit (excluding taxes and realtor fees to sell) would be about $61,640.00 or $169.00 per day. An ROI of 187%.

Now, imagine if you had a tenant paying down your mortgage for you.....

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