Sunday, October 22, 2006

What Do Dinosaur Bones, $70.00 Barrel Oil and Owning a Home in Canada Have in Common?

“They all contribute to a money making opportunity,” says Todd Millar,
President of Glenn Simon Inc, a Canadian company based in Japan that provides a very unique twist on investing and profit sharing for its ex-patriot and Japanese clients.

Millar explains that the province of Alberta, Canada is home to the world’s second
largest proven source of oil. Alberta is currently producing more than 1.1 Million
barrels per day and is expected to triple to over 3 million barrels per day by
2015. This increase will push Canada ahead of Saudi Arabia, currently the world’s
number one supplier.

But, it isn’t oil or even oil stocks that his company invests in. It’s real estate.
Glenn Simon Inc provides completely hands free investments that give ex-pats and
Japanese the ability to purchase revenue real estate in this oil rich region.

Husband and wife founders, Todd and Danielle Millar have been living in and investing from Japan since early 2000. Their company’s strategy is straightforward- targeting revenue producing residential and commercial properties in the economic powerhouse regions of Alberta.

Glenn Simon Inc. was created out of the Millar’s own desire to invest in real estate. “Once we built a solid team and got our proven system working our results were incredible. When our friends started seeing our returns compared to their returns in more conventional investments, we had a great response. Our next thought was ‘Imagine if we could bring this opportunity to all the other dissatisfied investors’”
Says Danielle Millar.

By teaming with the Millar’s company, investors are provided with detailed analysis;
property inspection, insurance, impeccable property management, financing and the
market timing necessary to successfully sell, maximizing profits.

“We wanted to offer something more than just property. Anyone can buy real estate
and lose money. The skill needed to be successful in real estate investing requires the foresight to see the investment through to the end. We found that by forming a
partnership directly with our clients, we could offer a totally unbiased, win-win
scenario. Like our mission statement says ‘Making Investors Successful One Property
At A Time’. We succeed by making our partners succeed.”

Already going at full tilt, Edmonton and other Albertan cities need more workers,
who in turn need more housing. With more businesses both national and international
setting up shop long term, high salaries and a high standard of living create an overall long term demand for housing. Engineers from Germany and England, in-migration from Eastern provinces, Chinese oil company executives and others are all making Alberta their home. With the lowest taxes in Canada, highest incomes and best healthcare system it is an easy choice.

It’s not just oil either. The IT sector is booming. Dell computers has just opened up a call center; nanotechnology, agriculture, lumber and manufacturing all enjoy
consistent, healthy economic growth as well.

“A lot of people will tell you that Real Estate investing is speculative. And for them it is. What we do differently is we invest and manage in economically strong and
fundamentally sound areas of Alberta. We also put each property through a set of
systems to make certain that the property can carry itself as well as make a decent return in an up or down market. "There is nothing speculative about our approach”
Says Millar.

Glenn Simon Inc’s website is full of economic facts and links detailing Alberta’s
unique and diverse economy. For more information or to subscribe to the free
monthly newsletter visit http://www.glennsimoninc.

About Glenn Simon Inc: GSI has been specializing in Canadian residential real estate
for more than 5 years while residing in Japan. GSI and its associates have over 50
years of combined legal, real estate and accounting experience, making them experts
in the field of investment real estate. GSI was formed out of the desire to bring,
decent, honest and profitable returns to ex-patriot and Japanese clients who are
seeking something more.

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