Saturday, January 06, 2007

Happy New Year!

Welcome to a fabulous 2007!

As you read this blog we have just come back from the winter highland of Northern Japan. For the last few days we have been holed up in a luxurious log cabin with two great friends, enjoying food, relaxing and taking “Onsen” - Japanese Hot Spring Baths in the Nasu Highland region of our prefecture.

With a bit of luck this past year has been fantastic for you. It certainly rates as one of my top ten. We have seen incredible
increases in Alberta Real Estate, our partners made outstanding returns on their investments and we helped people from 5 different countries meet their investing dreams. Speaking of dreams don’t let any dream stealers rob you with their negativity. Make 2007 the year where you do IT! Whatever it may be….

It is never too late to invest in Alberta. But, don’t take my word for it: take a look at this Labour Force Required Graph on our website under “It Has Only Just Begun” You can see for yourself that the Alberta Dynamo Economy is just starting and has a long future ahead. The amount of projects underway and new labour coming to Alberta is staggering. They all need homes to live in and apartments to rent as well.

Have a wonderful January.

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