Tuesday, December 09, 2008

This And That

Housing market hit by economic uncertainty - " A report out from RE/MAX today says the global economic crunch has made an impact on housing sales in major Canadian cities towards the end of 2008.

About 440 000 homes are expected to change hands in Canada this year, that's a 15 percent drop from record levels in 2007.

Here in Edmonton, just under 19 000 homes will have been sold by the time 2008 is said and done with. That would mark an 8 percent drop from last year's number of 20 437.

The average house price in Edmonton dropped only about a percent this year with the number sitting at $335 000. That number isn't expected to change in 2009."

After all is said and done the price of average house in Edmonton only dropped 1%. Think of your stock investments and how much they have dropped or rather plummeted in the last few months. Isn't it time to turn your paper assets into less liquid and volatile investments?

Alberta’s Government Fills the Province’s Labor Force Shortage with Temporary Foreign Workers - "Walk into a convenience store, coffee shop or supermarket in Calgary and chances are you’ll be waited on by a temporary foreign worker (TFW).

Though they come from many countries, they share one story: relocation for the chance to earn decent wages, and in some cases, the hope to reside permanently in Canada.

“There is a wide variety of TFWs that come to Alberta - from skilled laborers like welders and carpenters, to pipe fitters to semi skilled trades like cleaners. These are men and women from all parts of the globe,” says Avnish Mehta, Program Coordinator of the Calgary Catholic Immigration Society’s (CCIS) Temporary Foreign Worker Integration Advisory Office."

This is why Edmonton's economy is so strong. When the temporary workers decide to reside in Edmonton they will either rent or buy. Your investment property will either be tenanted or sold. It's not a greater fool situation but one where you are offering a necessary product.

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