Friday, February 27, 2009

Even Tiger Woods Needs A Break

He is among the most successful and currently the No. 1 golfer in the world. His level of achievement is legendary. He is focused, highly skilled and can probably perform at this level for many years to come.

Like many super-performers he knows there are times to step back improve, re-tool your skills and evaluate your game. You just have to take the a break sometimes.

When he does nobody says, "He's done! Golf is finished!" They wait and watch him comeback new and improved.

That is what is happening in Alberta Real Estate. The global economy is wonky, oil prices dropped and the housing market was way over-heated. So the market cooled down, prices dropped and then regulated and the market became more balanced.

Edmonton, Alberta real estate is still a "Tiger Woods" area - super performer says Don R. Campbell of REIN.

"People need to be realistic,.....The last three years in Alberta have been the Tiger Woods years of real estate. No matter what you did, you won, but that can't sustain forever."

"Alberta still has the three things the world is going to need when the recovery hits. It has food, fuel and fertilizer and those are the things the world needs and needs in abundance,"

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