Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This And That

Save The Cities, Save The Economy -“It’s consumer confidence that’s going to dictate what happens to the Edmonton economy in 2009,”

"... Edmonton is on much better footing than many cities in Canada. “When you get up in the morning, you hear about the price of oil, the exchange rate and the TSX ... and commentary out of Eastern Canada and the United States telling everyone how doom and gloom it is.” But media coverage doesn’t necessarily have much to do with Edmonton’s situation." Paul Tsounis, Edmonton’s chief economist

As a service hub to Fort McMurray and the rest of Alberta, and with strong education and health-care sectors, Edmonton can weather the economic storm, he says.

Province sheds 5700 jobs - "Without question, Alberta's economy is slowing and the labour market is weakening. But, with an unemployment rate of only 4.4 per cent, the jobs market in the province remains among the best in North America." ATB Financial senior economist Todd Hirsch

Experts predict economic growth - “But the reality is here in Alberta, and specifically in Edmonton, that the economy did fairly well, has been doing fairly well up until now and the projections that we’re seeing is that 2009 should probably be as good, if not, then a slightly better year than it was in 2008.” Ron Gilbertson, president and CEO for the Edmonton Economic Development Corporation

Real estate numbers looking up for 2009 - "The tumultuous times that characterized the end of 2008 are not anticipated to define 2009.." Royal LePage

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