Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This And That

This Kind Of Reporting Stinks - Another fear mongering article. Talks about a couple who gave it all away to move to Alberta and wait... still have it. But what if they lost their jobs!!! Well it could happen but would they even have jobs in their own hometown? Cornwall wants them back but do they have the jobs to keep them? Continued next week.....

Vegas takes a gamble - Canadians are thinking of Vegas. Sure they are who isn't when it's still -30 outside and the wrong side of March. Sure some Canadians may be thinking of buying down south but it's a good way to get chauffeured around the city by a Realtor on your vacation. If Vegas if part of your long term goal and that property makes sense then buy it. But properties down there are a dime a dozen make sure none of those eggs are rotten.

Note to environmentalist read The Canadian Press - An environmentalist writes that the slowdown in the oil sands is a great time to re-evaluate greener policies before the oil sands get going again (and they will). I hate to tell you but if you just read this article you'll see that $140 million has been dedicated to carbon capture. If I got to tell you the news then you are seriously out of the loop.

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