Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Where is the price of oil going?

Listen to the whole audio file if you are interested but it is the last 10 minutes of where the price of oil is going that interest me.

CKUA March 22nd Radio Program

This week's Political Panel includes former Conservative cabinet minister Rick Orman, former Liberal Edmonton MLA Mo Elsalhy, and the Treasurer of the Alberta New Democrats Erica Bullwinkle.

Bonus Bad! In the wake of the AIG uproar in the U.S., Alberta's opposition parties engineer the elimination of bonus pay for civil service managers. But it raises the possibility that there could be more on the chopping block in the near future.

Bye Bye Rebate! Citing both financial and environmental reasons, the province puts an end to its six year old natural gas rebate for consumers.

Housing the Homeless! The government rolls out its plan to end homelessness in Alberta by 2019. All it needs is money.

In his business commentary, Gary Lamphier sees reasons for optimism in the recent rise of oil prices.

Listen to the March 22nd show

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