Friday, October 02, 2009

Hey nice yard! 5 Tips to not get burned by contractors

Is not what people are going to be saying when they go by our property that just had sod laid. A local Edmonton landscaping company came laid some dead sod, left sod pallets blocking the access to the garage and a pile of junk on the property.

Yes, we paid them for this.

In advance.

And that was our mistake.

How do YOU avoid this mistake?

1. Don't pay any company the full amount until a satisfactory job has been done - give them half or even a partial payment. If they insist on getting paid upfront you should start to wonder about your recourse if things don't end up as planned.

2. Get a reference list of clients and call a couple- Why not. It may take about 1 hour of your time and even if they all give raving reviews people will always tell you their opinion. If a company is reluctant to give references start to ask yourself why. Trust me one hour on the phone is much cheaper than the time and cost to you to rectify shoddy work.

3. Closely monitor the job until done - Drive by every day. That pile of pallets didn't just appear they left them over the time they were working there. You can watch the work progress and make sure all scrap is removed. At any rate you can get to know the people who are working for you for future jobs.

4. Ask around - You'd be surprised how many people will tell you their good and bad experiences. Many people have had contract work done and are willing to "show and tell". People who are satisfied will say so and those that aren't will really say so.

5. Let the world know - Companies like this keep operating because clients are unaware of their bad history. The internet age means most people surf online to find companies locally. When your review comes up or filed complaint you will be saving someone, somewhere some money and some time.

Ripoff Report,
The BBB,
The Complaints Board

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