Thursday, October 29, 2009

Steffany Hanley - Dare To Be A Champion

Steffany Hanley, an incredible personal and performance coach, will be holding a Champions Seminar in Vancouver November 14th and 15th.

We've heard her speak before from REIN and been so impressed to the clarity she brings to reaching goals. She has some amazing success stories that will seriously give you goose bumps.

From her site :
"Ready to overcome obstacles, surge past plateaus and achieve new levels of success? Steffany Hanlen is a performance coach with incredibly special and unique knowledge and understanding of the “winning strategies” you need to know to succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

As a coach Steffany has worked with high-profile professional and amateur athletes, including NHL hockey players and Olympians, as well as singers, actors, ballroom dancers, business owners, CEOs, real estate investors, parents, hard-working “regular people (non-athletes)” and many others … and in each and every case her mission has been the same – to help clients expand and grow, overcome challenges, and achieve even greater success."

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