Monday, December 21, 2009

Alberta Oilsands News

Battle for the oilsands - "Across Alberta, companies have spent years developing new technologies that promise cheaper, greener production. In the next few months, some will move from the lab to the field in critical tests that could radically reshape the industry.


Hamilton: Alberta has wind at its back - "Alberta could even launch its own feed-in tariff program and unleash the innovation that has been demonstrated in the oil patch, and it could use slightly increased royalties from the patch to fund the program. The Stelmach government keeps talking about jobs and the need to preserve economic growth, but clearly there are just as many – probably a lot more – jobs to be created by fanning the flames of a green-energy movement than in keeping a handful of dirty coal plants open. Alberta ranchers have plenty of livestock manure that can be converted into electricity. The province is graced with ideal geology for geothermal power production, and it already has the expertise required to drill deep wells that can tap heat within the earth. The Canadian Geothermal Energy Association says low-hanging geothermal fruit in Alberta would produce 500 megawatts, but more investigation of the resource would likely reveal that much more is available."

Edmonton recognized in Copenhagen for climate leadership - "The City of Edmonton received an award for climate leadership Wednesday in Copenhagen.The award is in recognition of the city's Carbon Dioxide Reduction Edmonton (CO2RE) program as well as its new renewable energy task force.Edmonton was selected, along with four other Canadian cities, by 10 environmental organizations. The other designated cities are Calgary, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Provincial winners are British Columbia, Manitoba, Quebec, Nova Scotia and Ontario.City officials are honoured by the award, saying they hope it highlights some of the good things going on in Canada, as opposed to all the negative attention the country's lack of climate-change efforts have received so far in Copenhagen."

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