Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Embrace the winter - Edmonton Winter City

Embrace the winter.
I don't know if I can to be honest!

I'm a tried and true winter-phobe. To the point that the crunch of walking on snow gives me the willies; much to my husband's dismay I drag my feet around like a cross-country skier.

So even for me, a staunch Edmonton promoter, it's hard to embrace the winter. Whenever I hear "but it's so cold" I agree silently, however, I know money doesn't care where it's being made.

I read this article and have to agree Edmonton should (insert I) embrace it's long, glorious, fantastic and long long winters.

Last year the tourism board announced a great line-up for the winter:

"Winter Light’s mission includes promotion and collaboration with Edmonton’s existing winter festivals, Deep Freeze; Ice on Whyte and Silver Skate Festival as well as new programming, Winter Light Welcome tents and special events will take place in the context of all three events."

"I think winter has been one of Edmonton’s best kept secrets for too long," says Anthony. "Our goal is to showcase all the wonderful aspects of our winter city – the incredible recreation opportunities, the gorgeous river valley environment, and the culture and heritage of winter peoples."

So instead of grumbling and running to our cars to avoid certain frostbite. Lets look around, smile and say, "It's the most wonderful time of the year!"

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