Thursday, June 24, 2010

The BBQ Saga

If there is one universal love in Canada it's barbecuing. We've been caught up in the frenzy after some really tasty fare at a friend's place. So caught up that we bought a barbecue. The gorgeous assortment of meats Todd bought sat in the fridge two days as the BBQ mocked us from the box.

The thing in my relationship is I'm the one that's good at putting stuff together, filling out forms and setting up anything that comes with a instruction manual. Todd shines in other areas. Anyway even I procrastinated over this BBQ. I mean it's dangerous if I do it wrong I could blow up my house!

As with anything hard once I started it and got into the flow of the gazillion small pieces that came with it I really got into it. It was a challenge and every small accomplishment was accompanied by a new sense of, "Look at me putting together a BBQ!"

Now it's done and we're grilling fruits and meats with gleeful anticipation. I think of all the other BBQs I can now put together.

And here I bring it to investing when we started we didn't know anything we had to learn slowly sometimes painfully. Sure it's risky you could lose money but we knew that taking control of our financial future was a better move than the risky "wait and pray attitude". Nine years later we're moving into big multiplexes, a first for us. To be honest I feel that same fear filled with excitement and know this is going to be a great ride!

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