Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This and That

Alberta in Growth mode says RBC - "Alberta's economic rebound is gaining strength this year amid stronger construction activity and a busier energy sector, according to a forecast by RBC Economics."

"The recovery now looks to be taking shape, with a sharp rise in home building activity and renewed interest in the oil and gas sector combining to fuel growth in the province," RBC chief economist Craig Wright.

You can feel "it" in the air in Edmonton. I talk to people everyday that are moving here for work and looking for a place to live. Everything points to a great year!

Tarsands Output Set to Double - "Canada will produce more than twice the amount of crude derived from tarsands by 2025 compared with what experts predict the bitumen-rich zones will churn out in 2010.

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers expects the tarsands to produce 1.5 million barrels of oil per day this year, and 3.5 million barrels per day by 2025."

Conventional oil drilling peaked a long time ago and off-coast drilling is not favorable the only thing left is tarsands like reserves. Alberta's reserves are safe, getting cleaner and already putting out.
It's not rocket science to see where the oil spot of the future is going to be.

NEW - Alberta Economy at a Glance pdf now available June 25th, 2010.

Most notably:
*unemployment rate down
*weekly wages up still highest in Canada
*retail spending increases
*housing prices up slightly


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Chris Davies said...

There's a lot of 'it' in the air, but there's still a reasonable amount of fear and uncertainty, which is opportunity for me!

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