Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Here is great advice to get your price at sale

I've done a lot of ad posting for rentals in the last six month and the worst thing you can do besides not knowing your price is not putting up great pictures. If they look bad, under-lit or just messy you won't get the tenants you want.

I found a great article from the Canadian Real Estate Magazine on getting the premium price for a premium property. I dare say these tips would help you get the price you want for anything you've been trying to sell.

Basically if you don't....
*Price it right
*Show it in a great light (great photos)
*Fix what matters - know what improvements have the biggest payout
* Advertise where your buyers are

... you're not going to sell for the price you want.

You can read a portion of the article here or get the whole piece in October's issue of Canadian Real Estate Magazine.


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Best of Luck

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