Saturday, September 11, 2010

I Love Getting In My Car

"There are no optimistic or pessimistic personalities. There are only single, individual choices for optimistic or pessimistic thoughts." Steve Chandler

For the last 5 years driving long distances in my car is an absolute pleasure because I'm a member of In fact sometimes I'm sad when I have to park because I'm so captivated by the audio book I'm listening to.

Right now I'm into Steve Chandler's The Story Of You it is such a GREAT book. Basically the only one writing and telling your story is you and you can change it - to anything at anytime like now.

Your story is whatever the monologue you have in your head or the reasons you give for why your life is a certain way.

It's that simple. The book really sticks with me for a strange reason. I really admire Arnold Schwarzenegger - I read his biography once and basically he sets his mind to do something and does. Top body builder, A-list actor (with a thick clunky accent!), now Governor of California. It's clear this is a guy who knows how to achieve things that many people tell him are impossible.

Anyway, I saw an interview where he a reporter asked him a question about his alleged womanizing and if his wife was going to leave him. His response " That's your story not mine."

I couldn't figure this out FOREVER. Finally with this book I see that Schwarzenegger's story doesn't include a wife that will leave him or maybe some other interpretation I'm not privy too. All that matters is it's not his story and he's not getting sucked into someone else's story about him.

That's powerful!

Check out Steve Chandler's blog here

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