Friday, October 15, 2010

Put your money to work - special fixed return offer.

Tired Of Poor Returns In Your RRSP? Would You Like To Put Your Money, Home Equity and Cash To Work...?

If the idea of making a safe, steady and guaranteed rate of return over the next 2 years appeals to you, then read on.

Would you like to generate a consistent 7.5% per year from your RSP or Cash funds?

How about securing your money against a quality property with a Loan To Value rate of under 80%? - making your money very secure.

Do you like 'easy set up and easy pay outs' ? - we've got them

You can invest in increments of $25K or larger - convenient and manageable!

Currently There Are 4 Positions Available:

1. Two positions of $25K RRSP or Cash investment secured as a 2nd mortgage are available, returning 7.5% simple interest per year. That means your $25K earns you $1875.00 per year. You can turn $25,000 into $28,750 safely and easily over your 2 year term.

2. Two positions of $50K RRSP or Cash investment secured as 2nd mortgages are available, returning 7.5% simple interest per year. That means your $50K earns you $7,500 over 2 years or a total of $57,500.

What is a second mortgage? 

A second mortgage is when a property has a first mortgage arranged up to a set amount, say 65%. Then a second mortgage is added, say 10% to equal a total mortgage of 75%. The remaining 25% forms the down-payment or equity in the property.

Example: A home is purchased for $100K. TD Bank issues a first mortgage of $65K. A 2nd mortgage is then placed by a private lender for $10K (75% total loan to value: LTV). The remaining $25K is formed as a down-payment, or equity in the property if it is being refinanced.

How does a second mortgage investment work?

A second mortgage investment is when a lender (you) agrees to lend a set amount of money at a set rate for a specific period of time. The loan is secured against the property, meaning that if the loan was defaulted upon, the sale of the property would cover the repayment of the first and second mortgages, in that order. Holding a 2nd mortgage on a property that has equity, is in a good area and in good condition provides a very safe and reliable investment vehicle.

The second mortgage positions that we have available are on properties in our portfolio that have a proven CASH FLOW positive track record, are in excellent areas and offer a reliable way to grow your money over a set period of time.

Ok, I want to make 7.5% on my cash or RRSP safely and securely. What do I do now?

Please complete this quick and easy questionnaire putting 'SECOND MORTGAGE' into the comments field and we'll give you a call to discuss the steps involved. If you prefer to call us, simply dial 1-888-780-5940.

Making your money work has never been so easy...

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