Wednesday, December 08, 2010

7 Factors That Affect Your Home's Value - Canada Realty News

I've been going over old newsletters that I get from a score of industry leaders. The Bett's article outlines that the price of your home is determined by more factors that you might think. They list:
1. Location
2. Features
3. Condition
4. Home Improvements
5. Market Conditions
6. Seller Motivation
7. Marketing

In a buyer's market, in the middle of winter, you need to look at all the aspects and excel at them all. Trying to sell now is what we call motivated - that means you'll need to allow you MAY get less than you expect.

You can't change the location but you can make a lot of changes and renos that will increase the perceived value. Try HGTV's list to get the most bang for your bank.

The most important in my opinion is marketing. A little pokey sign on your lawn won't do anything, you need an incredible marketer working for you.

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