Friday, December 17, 2010

This and That

Home sales rise for fourth month - "In particular, Great Vancouver posted gains of 11.3%, while Montreal was up 8.2%, Edmonton rose 6.9% and Toronto increased 6%. Ottawa saw gains of 4.2% and Calgary advanced by 2.6%."

Edmonton market is currently a strong buyer's market. The prices are soft due to the amount of product on the market and seasonal effects. Even if it wasn't a buyer's market December and January are great times to buy.

Industry touts benefits of Canadian oil sands -
"Canadian oil sands development is some of the best energy and economic news America has heard in years," Cindy Schild, the institute's refining issues manager, to reporters on a conference call Wednesday. "Americans will continue to consume a lot of oil, and oil sands have the potential to supply much of what we will need while also creating many new U.S. jobs."

The Canadian oil sands produce the safest, friendliest oil in the world. Alberta and oil sands producers are constantly looking for innovative and environmentally friendly ways to extract this incredibly huge source of oil.

Moving oil across B.C to thirsty foreign markets - "...the proposed Enbridge pipeline project. It would stretch more than 1,000-kilometres from the oil sands near Edmonton to the northwestern B.C. coastal town of Kitimat, before crude would be loaded onto tankers for export across the ocean.

Proponents of the pipeline make a persuasive case. Without tankers being allowed on the North Coast there is no pipeline. No pipeline, no way to take Alberta’s oil to thirsty Asian markets. And with that, tens of billions of lost investment and lost jobs for Canada."

This article is about a fascinating idea to build a train line to move oil rather than the heatedly debated pipeline. The idea and spin off uses such as tourism are very compelling.

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