Friday, March 04, 2011

Get Ready to Rock and Roll Alberta!

Alberta Emerging As Safe Haven Among Growing Economic Volatility

"It will morph into something that will not be very kind to financial assets, but may be kind to Alberta. One solution is to take a shot of Novocain, invest in Alberta, and I have a suspicion you will come out ahead. A second approach is to hold real assets or proxies for real assets, such as TIPS (Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities) and inflation-linked bonds. A third way to approach things is to play by the rules as they're written, which demands being cautious, but I don't mean buying bonds. I mean it is incumbent on all of us to maximize complexity in your portfolio, which is the responsiveness of your portfolio to macro-economic outcomes." Vinay Pande, chief investment adviser for global markets research with German-based Deutsche Bank

I think you can spare the Novocain if you are investing directly into real assets (like owning a revenue property) that you control. once again the Provincial, National and Global economies are looking at Alberta as a safe haven. The only risk you have investing in Edmonton is looking to make too fast a buck and not stay the course. When you are prudent and invest into a cash-flowing asset, in an expanding market - you will do well.

Final Anthony Henday Drive Gets Green Light

The massive project — named Anthony Henday Drive Northeast — will be Alberta’s single largest highway construction project to date with 47 bridges, eight interchanges and 27 kilometres of six- and eight-lane divided road that will connect Whitemud Drive East to the Manning Freeway. It’s expected to ease the traffic crush on Yellowhead Trail and, to some degree, the Whitemud.

“I really do believe another period of rapid growth is coming, and it’s coming quicker than you think,” Stelmach said of the province’s continued investment in infrastructure. “It’s no secret that Alberta wasn’t ready for the last one, but we will be ready for the next one. We are moving forward as a province. The world is changing, and Alberta is changing and we’re meeting the demands of the new economic order.”

I second that Mr. Premier, we are on the cusp of another wave of growth. A nice 3-5-7 year cycle I hope. The Anthony Henday has already proven to link up areas of the South East, particularly Millwoods and Ellerslie. And the South West areas have grown, like Terrwilligar, Rutherford and the Hamptons into nice, beautiful communities. Along with the great connectivity, real estate prices have followed and birthed some really scenic areas with upscale shopping and eateries that is still affordable to live. The NE will also experience a price jump in homes and a jump in value by being better connected.

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