Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Dogs, dogs, dogs.

Do you rent to them? Not dogs directly but the people that own them? I'm starting to have reservations. Of course finding a niche and making it your own can help increase your rents or fees you charge thus increasing income. However, is the pet fee you take or the slightly increased rent you charge worth the post Rover clean up?

How about this:

"This flooring is damaged beyond repair by a large dog. Pets such as dogs and cats can cause significant damage to a house, such as scratching, clawing, spraying, defecation and urination. Pets can generate allergens in persons sensitive to pet dander, fur, etc. Carpeted floors may need removal; hardwood floors may be permanently stained or damaged requiring repair, refinishing or replacement. Masonry floor surfaces may require chemical cleaning, neutralizing odors, and the application of a sealer to control odors. Pets can cause flea infestation in carpets and furniture and house requiring fumigation." Ace Home Inspection Inc.

Is that about $250 in the non-refundable pet fee or $50 more per month in rent? Try a few thousand dollars. I had to Ozone a townhouse to remove the smell of cat urine it cost about $1800.

I live by an off leash dog area and hear all the time - "My dog is friendly he won't bite anyone!" Only to have to grab my toddler out of the way as the dog jumps repeatedly on his back. I also got bit by a "friendly dog". My point if your tenant's dog is as quiet, old perfect as the tenants say then great! If not be prepared for some big bills or lots of diligence on your part to limit the damage.

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