Thursday, May 03, 2012

This and That

I've been so busy with numerous jobs that I haven't had a chance to post other than the newsletter. Added to this is the still wonky schedule of a newborn. I'm not getting much exercise and that may be why my brain is working as well as it should. Everyone knows the pitfalls of sleep deprivation but maybe being stuck at a desk all day brings down brain function as well. Read More Here

Mortgage rates are still at an incredible low and banks are vying for you to go with them by offering some good deals. Read about the 10 year rate which allows you to lock in to a great rate for the long term. Definitely a savvy move! Click here to read more

Not really new news - oilsand's projects valued in hundreds of billions of dollars to the Alberta economy. Jump

Edmonton gets an A- from EEDC
"Edmonton has a remarkable economic story. In 2011, our economy grew and showed momentum, and we are poised for a bright future," says Gilbertson. "Combine that with our quality of life, we are well on our way to becoming recognized as one of the world's top mid-sized cities."  Read More

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