Friday, July 19, 2013

July This and That

Time line on rate hike is long -
The rate debate is forefront when you are considering a new mortgage or readjusting your current. For longer holds, locking into a 10 year flat rate offers excellent value right now. If you are contemplating selling, choose to ride the fickle variable rate; still low, but watch keep an eye on the bond market to anticipate increases. Read Here

Canadian banks get ready to lend -
Relaxed mortgage criteria, LOC, business loans? Maybe, maybe not. But when a group of banks is sitting on a pot of money and your credit is good and you have a solid investment property lined up - the lights are green! Read More

Labour shortage costs Alberta Billions
I'm torn on this. Ideally the province (or arguably, the country) should first draw from its own labour pool before outsourcing. If it involves more training and extending the opportunity for employment to other provinces, than that is fantastic. But, if you have a complacent work force that isn't willing to do the work available - then hiring, training and providing an opportunity for those abroad is proactive. My comment is simplistic and assumes that salaries are balanced and workload equal based upon experience. JUMP

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