Friday, August 02, 2013

August This and That

Posturing, Political Strategy? Whatever it was, its good this deal is on the table.
"The premiers of British Columbia and Alberta have launched a joint plan to expand exports of oil, gas and other resources, laying the groundwork for new pipeline projects to the west coast.

Wrapping up discussions at the Council of the Federation annual retreat of Canada's 13 premiers, Christy Clark and Alison Redford said they had instructed their senior bureaucrats to start working together on policies to promote the exports and allow their fossil-fuel industries to gain access to new markets in Asia."Read HERE

Two good things: One we need to get oil and gas out of Canada and out to Asia/Europe. Two, the need to do it safely. We DO want to protect our environment, have a pristine coastline and have the correct protocol, action plan and money in place to mitigate spills. It'll probably take several years to work out the details, but we're heading in the right direction.