Thursday, August 29, 2013

Showing Etiquette - David Nelson via Activerain

We have a couple places listed for sale now. The way it's set up is an interested party's Realtor gives us a call and we confirm a showing time with them. I can't say how many times we've set up showings and not heard back from a Realtor.

Did they go in? Are the lights on? Doors locked again? Did they hate it? Is it awesome? Are we crazy asking this price? The list goes on of questions that run through my mind when I don't hear back.

I read an excellent blog by David Nelson about showing etiquette  - Real estate agents are starting to lose showing etiquette and it rang true with me immediately.

I/we/home-sellers want your feedback we NEED it. It's constructive criticism that helps us make the property better and more attractive.

When I show properties to tenants I call back and get feedback. It's not solely polite I can get a lot of valuable information from them and sometimes give them information that could help close the deal (not that that's so important in a 1% vacancy market - but keep the technique for the 5%+ vacancy days)

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