Thursday, January 16, 2014

I'm worth the DailyWorth*

Somehow I signed up for the Dailyworth. I don't remember doing it but thank goodness I did. The articles are excellent.

Today my favorite "10 habits of high net worth women" has very good points, although I don't think you need to be a woman (the site is female centric) to apply them. The list includes:

1. Determination and will power
2. Start investing early
3. Save Save Save - they have different suggestions on how to do
4. Control your credit card
5. Be goal oriented

My favorite is "Live Like You are Poor".  I'm enthralled by living well below your means. I've always been a proponent of this and practice it myself. My father bugs me about it but I think its the safest, smartest financial move you can make. I'm not the only one who thinks so check this, this and have you have you heard of these guys? It's a new form of social responsibility. Sadly in my line of work I see people who live beyond their means, look fantastic but cannot pay the rent.

They're the kind of common sense points you know but may not always be applying. If that article is not for you then you can choose from the myriad of topics under the tabs Plan for the future, Earn with passion , Spend with intention, Give for good and Live to the fullest - very cool.

*Actually it's free but I'm worth time I spend enjoying all articles. It really does feel like a guilty pleasure. 

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Anonymous said...

Great clarity. I appreciate you sharing this wonderful site. Its important to stay focused and challenge oneself. looking forward to seeing you again at the next Edmonton economic summit, BTW great presentation last time. Warm Regards, Clare N., CGS Consulting, Calgary